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Karl Shallowhorn

R & R

Essentially, the time spent here is an example of what self-care in action looks like (to steal my wife Suzy’s phrase). When I’m home, I try to practice self-care but often fall short of what I’d consider to be optimal. While here, I get the opportunity to pause, reflect and consider what is truly important and where to place my priorities. The one thing I have concluded is that time is one of the most valuable commodities I have. I cannot reverse time or even stop it. But it is possible to hit the reset button, and to re-connect with myself and restore my sense of wellbeing.

Back to My Roots, from Whence I Came (Part 1)

When I look back at my career, it’s been a series of concentric circles. So many things I’ve done in the past have had a way of returning, usually as a result of circumstance. Or is it? With the understanding that all we have is the current moment, it’s important to recognize that where we are at any given time is the sum of our life experiences.

Reversed Season Two

The series will feature high profile experts as: Dr Jason Fung, Dr Ken Berry, Dr Lori Shemek, Karl Shallowhorn and Maria Emmerich as the show’s Keto chef. “Our understanding of how Type 2 Diabetes impacts all illness and disease is vital to reversing it.

Leading with Humility

All great leaders have advisers who are specialists in their given fields who provide support and guidance. Great leaders do not make decisions in a vacuum.

Online Therapy: The Brave New Frontier?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of behavioral health has been catapulted into a mode of treatment that, while not necessarily new, is being utilized on a scale like never seen before. Telehealth is now the norm and not the exception.

In the course of just over 6 weeks, virtually every behavioral health provider in the Western New York region (and most of the U.S.) has nimbly pivoted to offering some mode of telecounseling to meet the needs of their existing patients, as well as attract new ones.