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The Future of Leadership

We are in a new frontier in the world of business. COVID. The economy. Heightened awareness of the need for racial equity. These are all factors that are impacting the decisions made by leaders daily. Those who are able to create a vision for the future will be the ones to overcome the many challenges we are facing.


This vision takes courage with a measure of risk. After all, there are no guarantees, especially in this COVID world. It also takes an understanding of where your employees are. Staff members are facing unprecedented challenges: the stress of family responsibilities, including children who are learning remotely, caregiving for aging parents, some of whom are living in adult living residences, other family and friends who have contracted the virus, not to mention encountering mental health and substance use challenges that many have never experienced before. 

So, how will you respond to these demands? Will you act based on what has always worked? I don’t mean to disappoint you but those things may not provide the results you’re looking to achieve. This is a time to utilize your resources – every single one of them. Your management team, your Board, and, if you have one, your coach or mentor. 

“So, how will you respond to these demands? Will you act based on what has always worked?”

So often you may think that you are the ultimate decision maker for your role . Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the buck may stop with you within the context of your leadership position, however it is still vital that you enlist the guidance and support of your organization.This is called humility. When you are able to humble yourself and realize that there are others on your team who have much to offer, it can go a long way. In my book, Leadership Through the Lens of the Twelve Steps, Step Seven states, “We made a decision to address our faults and remove these shortcomings.” One of the faults some leaders deal with that is ego. By addressing ego, one is more capable of being a true servant leader.


2020 isn’t over. 2021 is anyone’s guess, for sure. But if you are able to utilize the invaluable resources at your disposal, you will be better equipped to meet whatever comes your way with confidence